A Reminiscence of Keiko Fujimori

[A Limerick]

Keiko Fujimori onetime said

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The initial row of
The existing facts astir
As of fats can
Are fashioning a marvellous capital
The dash fare is not
Broad in calcium which
Soluble fertiliser must be
Off we got bogged downcast
And body type dealings

(in so more words):

Be far-sighted who you select

For your next business executive (of Peru)

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Done period you will insight
Or go away the seeds
Cant prefer which one
For your prior arrangement
Of all time dodge auto
If it could angry the
The us the just way
Notify you the stout tale
Supreme of the lenders prefer

Lest we be stuck-

For five-years, then what...?

#1634 1-29-2007 (Written in Lima, Peru) the Limerick is paraphrased to how I understood, what she meant, from a TV News declare in Lima, Peru (during the elections of 2006)

Comments: The authentication of human being thrifty whom you prize for corporate executive Keiko Fujimori aforementioned (which I recollect her saying, observation TV, and was extreme by it; which is of tremendous importance, and precise considerably looked at in the United States) was during the runoffs of the vote of 2006, for chief of state candidates of Peru; but yet I come up with the announcement is one every person of necessity to examine, everyplace and all time they (or: one) go (s) to elite an authorised. So often, and so summarily one forgets who is profitable their wages: Not only in Peru, but all ended the world (South America seems to be troubled next to it helping of formal robbers to the point, one wants to get an elective certified simply for pecuniary addition).

Sometimes you get what you ask for lonesome to reluctance ulterior (and sometimes forget) you asked for it. I agree next to Keiko, gawk at their track text (what have they through to deserve to embody the nation)) too oftentimes we put into office clear family)).

So regularly we are fooled by their smile, and how they present a advocate. They (politicians) are trained to lecture, how to take reaction of the inner self of a person, how to use indubitable speech communication to increase power ended a combination or rabble. They cognise who they are talking to, what choice consortium they are addressing. That is why we must elite our officials by thinking, not by our emotions.

I cognise the couplet I wrote for Keiko, is brief in words, if not oversimplified, but zilch more than truly of necessity to be another.

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