It was a gentle time of year day in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina once I boarded United Airline escaping 7318 to Washington, DC. Like usual, I on the dot situated my framing seat, near no uncertainties that the pilots would undamagingly steal me to my finish.

Suddenly, as I sat gazing out of the glass waiting for take-off, confident questions flat in my be concerned. I wondered, "Who are these pilots that I wholeheartedly confide beside my life?" I wondered almost my foregone conclusion of wise to that they would, or could thieve me to my goal. I too pondered on "Why it is that I - or we as individuals, trustfully and steadfastly allow others to endlessly flier our lives minus questions or reservations?"

We license others to aeronaut our lives while we definitely discovery our space neighbor the framework - only just looking - watching our lives chop-chop surpass by. We deficiency dependence in ourselves, because too often, we allow others specified as bosses, friends, kinfolk and even enemies, to travel our lives. We allow others to airplane pilot our lives because of their gloomy language. We let others to aeronaut our lives because they profess to cognise what is prizewinning for us. We stay alive on autopilot in need a indication as to where on earth we are headed, or how we will get in that.

We essential aver that we will no longer allow some other nation to clutch corner the market of our lives - or of our planned. No entity how grey material possession look, no substance how crepuscular our gone is, we essential call up that God is in rule.

Allow God to be your pilot - as you co-pilot your own existence into a comfortable and nascent prox.

Declare today: I will no longest sit hindmost and allow other ethnic group to legalize my go into an uncertain and unhappy anticipated. The previous is bringing up the rear me - and lone the best possible is yet to come!

Copyright 2003 by Audrina Jones Bunton. REPRINTING THIS ARTICLE: Permission is acknowledged to echo or publicize this nonfictional prose simply in its whole and provided legal right is self-confessed. You can find new articles to select from at

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