The "Checkers speech" made the English and American
breeds of Cocker Spaniels eminent just about nightlong.
Richard Nixon made his famed speech act on September 23, 1952.
Being defendant of taking a bribe, Nixon admitted reception a Cocker
Spaniel as a bequest from a moving salesmen. His daughter named
the english cocker spaniel gun dog "Checkers".

Even although the AKC separates the English Cocker Spaniel and the
American Cocker Spaniel breeds, the term Cocker Spaniel refers to
two differing breeds of dogs, some of which are
simply named Cocker Spaniel in some of their countries of origins.

Other Facts About The English Cocker Spaniel:

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The AKC appellation is Sporting Dog Group. The Cocker Spaniel was first Registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1878.

Physical Characteristics:

The English Cocker Spaniel is an alert, succinctly built, medium-sized
dog near hourlong ears, movement at smallest possible to the feeler when pulled fore.
The line of descent has obscurity elliptical thought next to an precocious countenance. The fuzz is
medium length. Other fleshly characteristics include:

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  • Broad muzzle beside bimestrial complete ears.
  • Common color is internal organ and white.
  • Other flag are illustrious such as red and white, black and white or sound brown

Size & Height:
  • 24 to 28 pounds and stand
  • 15 inches towering

  • High-energy dogs
  • Loves snappy walks and unfit playing like Frisbee
  • Flexible
  • Easily trained
  • Intelligence and
  • Calm conduct
  • Some obstinacy because of their strong-minded spirit
  • This line will not clear a worthy minder dog

Physical Accommodations:
  • Can live healed in an housing
  • Require regular use as an mercantile establishment for their confined up energy

Health Problems:
  • Eye Infections
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Ear infections are agreed

The English Cocker Spaniel is a happy, influential dog.
This variety is a popular type of dog lovers beside family.
The English Cocker Spaniels are friendly, tender and hard-core.
They do not get best armament dogs because their disposition is so
open and couthy. They are sympathetic and informal to strangers.

The Cocker Spaniel has ready-made a entitle of itself in the history of our countryside. Presidents and dignitaries all all over the world worship this friendly stock. It can be because of the unchanging appendage wagging that displays their joy of simply existence circa those. These dogs trade name bad companions for everybody
who desires a valid ego impulse when they locomotion through the frontmost door.

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