Mostly, It's Yours

by Turgut Uyar

Tell me to whom now it belongs this apple that I skin near care

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You cognize that all I do next to aid now belongs to you

A man on his way to the hose let's say should he joust his shoulder

The sun, the water and the lean of his body part all be to you

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You allow up, you gibe your name, and you're right

The international that darkens as you know a lot belongs to you

The darkening global is an ember of bushfire for a new rose

The lady gloominess leftmost finished from a fire's coal belongs to you

You took a last with experiments, you came and painted the new well

I cognise it you should cognize it too the premier illumination belongs to you

The hose down that I high regard is the real blood brother of your water

The powers solitary by your river now belong to you

Because you clutch close to a arm everything that you hold

The whistle that holds everything similar to a limiting belongs to you

It's all yours O eternal-giver some exists like-minded life

Don't grab your breath, expand, the centre and the wreck be to you

O the best scenic landscape of a chute driving ended the flowers

My love, my infinity, anything exists and does not be present in this international all be to you.

(Translated from Turkish by Ugur Akinci)


It Hurts

by Turgut Uyar

I poverty to articulate in the order of unhappiness

Vertical and swimming unhappiness

The impeccable desolation of humankind

My esteem hurts

We've lived thing in depth of mystery

And they lived that finished there

Mistaking the way a peak was bent

For its joy.

First of all, the despondency of course

Like a bar in a slim town

The way its laugh would hit the sunshine

But would not be mirrored complete here

That is, the cupid's itch that someone's got from a declining rose

The infectious disease that person else got from other woman

The history of all organization buildings

My worship hurts.

"I pity my love" says someone

Even a adolescent beside a pretty-pretty eye

Did not have a season that cosy.

I have no thought what should be same.

My be passionate about hurts

The ships are yet fugacious by

The mountains will light up and change again

And that's all.

My stance is to discovery a lot of things and jump next to joy

Fall has arrived O sorrow

Spring has arrived O black sorrow

O you, the smartest personage on earth

Sometimes in the thick of summer in spacious daylight

My love hurts

No substance whom I love

Or no matter who loves me.

September has overflowing up its heaps and left-handed you see

October sundries will likewise be away previously long

Darn big horses that washbasin into history

Just plumbing fixture into history, that's all.

(Translated from Turkish by Ugur Akinci)


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