I've washed-out one third of my practical existence presenting gross revenue breaking in courses to engineering and experimental companies. 600 present so far.

It has speechless me to find that the significantly intelligent, qualified nation that come to my dealings are uneducated in the order of something which has a funnel stance on how okay their maintenance does.

I ask a set of questions to engender the point, 'How exalted do you see cleverness in sales and commerce to the happening of your company?"

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The usual responses are, 'Essential / censorious / indispensable etc '. So past I inquire, 'How longitudinal did it bring you to have the exact familiarity which is required to do your job?'.

And they reply, 'We're stationary learning'. But if I clutch the ingredient and ask, 'How extended was the formal pedagogy in your field of study subjects?', 'What part of occurrence would you test it in; days, weeks, years?', they inform me that it's years. That's obvious, isn't it?.

Now I've got them set up like that, I hit them near my munition.
'Ok if ability in sales and merchandising is critical, and if you've understood old age to swot up the systematic sense to do your jobs, then relay me how some instance you have put into learning something more or less marketing.

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There's a room overfull of clean faces as the realization dawns.
'Duh, nothing, no incident at all, nada, a big fat O'. Then causal agent in the main says, 'The ten written account we've been on your trajectory so far'.

It's a bit of a paradox; conscious realization that gross sales handiness is fortunate yet a innocent admission that they have finished zero at all to get it.

By the way, this peculiar of 'techie' companies has been the same in the 9 countries I've given the 'Selling for Engineers' teaching in so far.

So can I ask you again, 'Do you cognise that you don't know?'

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