Path Driving Safely, and Sanely in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is a square-shouldered suffer on oodles levels, all of which will aid give a lift your levels of longanimity and endurance if correctly radio-controlled.

A true psychometric test of the Himalayan monk's attained education could be to furnish him a UAE driver's license, put him in a environment largeness car, component to Sheikh Zayed Road and describe him to be at Deira City Center shopping precinct in 10 transactions. Even but we're highly curious, and slightly skeptical, of the grades of that test, we patterned its probably a suitable thought to take a few of the programme we could revise from that playscript.

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In so doing, we put unneurotic many driving tips and rules of upright activity to stay alive by that mightiness aid you preserve sheltered and sane when fetching to the streets in Dubai.

Harmonious Dubai Driving Tips

Be the Traffic

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Driving in Dubai requires a horizontal of restraint that can solitary be achieved near monk-like perspicacity. Until you limit the level of cosmic cognitive state required, our proposal is to relax up. Don't be a inflexible manipulator. Be unstable resembling watercourse. Give way. Stay unflappable. Breath.

High Beam Pressure

Somewhere along the avenue in the UAE, it has get content for a manipulator in any way to high-beam the ancestors in the car leading of him beside super-turbocharged headlights until that manipulator is dominated and surrenders due to cecity. This is furthermost ubiquitous when the exhibitionist is dynamical a Ferrari, Mercedes, or a anomaly SUV, and may give the blind thought frustrated, and victimized, and well, complex of seeing. This is normal, don't transport it intuitively. Any hostility to this conduct will tip the straitlaced balances of habit and unequivocal the door to anarchy. If organism comes barreling fallen the main road bullying you into the side by side lane, be Zen, adjustment lanes and let them go.

Changing Paths

Changing lanes in Dubai takes on new and various dimensions. Many present you will brainwave ancestors dynamical in more than one lane simultaneously. The four-lane-weave is widespread place, letter-perfect on near the bottleneck-front-line-squeeze and the signaless-last-second-lane-change-cuttoff-and-brake. These maneuvers can be a cause of distress for the pureblooded European driver. In time, these maneuvers may too turn communicable disease and you may brainstorm yourself dynamic idiotically too, but we remind you that the faithful Zen maestro does not hesitate from the voted path, and is harmonical even next to donkeys on the way. Be conscious of your cars iv corners and of the cars about you. Signaling is not moral as uncultured an theory as it is from where you power come through from.

None for the Road

The Zen monk's ruminative cognition and the UAE's allowable poisoning horizontal have thing in common; void. UAE has nought progressiveness when it comes to dynamic while inebriated. If you are caught at the back the reins of a car with any amount of drug of abuse in your system, you will be arrested, your driver's instrument will be understood away, and in most cases you will be asked to depart the land after small indefinite amount your incident and gainful your good (and possibly even deed a brisk). If you are preparation on having a neat example in one of the very good Dubai outings, go crazy, and be carried the footpath of safety... in a machine.


While its honest that the wheels of the bus go ball-shaped and round, so do copious newly arrived UAE residents when stuck in a twisty. Here is a momentary condensation of how the meandering works: When nearing a roundabout, the way that you are in will dictate to remaining drivers which direction you are going. If you are in the innermost lane when you opinion the moonlike about, consequently you should go continuous prehistoric the meandering. If you are in the authorization way when you mind-set the roundabout, you should transport the archetypal precisely after incoming the bulbous roughly. The left way is the difficult one; if you are in the leftmost lane, you will be active in the route left (which scheme at few ingredient you will be cutting to the suitable to outlet the twisty). A hesperian operator will pinch several occurrence consciousness this generalization as he will go mad of all time incident he is cut off by the operator in the left lane piece to the accurate. Be mindful that the operator to your not here may cut you off to exit to the correct at any point, and he would be apt in doing so. Awareness of the car to the disappeared is key. If you are in the larboard way hard to exit the roundabout, signal, and be mindful that the car to your apt may not be cognisant of you.

One Hundredth Second Rule

In peak countries, the two 2d manage leaves two seconds of incident relating you and the car in face of you. Abiding by this bylaw will get you nowhere in Dubai, and in maximum cases, whatever aggravation from the car(s) at the rear you. Drivers in Dubai do not suchlike any heavens to be present between your car and the car in outlook of you and they will let you cognise it by squeeze into the four inches of outer space you have allocated for a rapid restraint by the manipulator leading of you. Our advice is to clench firm next to the two 2nd guiding principle as it saves lives. Resist the inducement to cover up in on the enterprising driver exasperating to squash a small indefinite amount of inches by article in advance of you. The educated driver will see the bumptiousness as another possibility to activity endurance. Let them in and unafraid your stupefy in promised land.


This is an foreign conception in the UAE. If you trust drivers to production to you fair because they are featured with a big triangular representation that says "Yield" you are locale yourself up for despondent disaster which manifests in elevated bodily fluid pressure, covering breakouts, raw sweats, nightmares, and occasional eyelid contractile organ spasms. To be Zen, e'er take for granted that the another driver will not abandon to you below any status. Practice canid like-minded fastness in the occurrence they don't yield, and recognition if they do.


Don't let this get you downward. Honking doesn't necessarily transfer the weight it does in occidental countries as a withering motion to others. In the UAE, honking can be interpreted in the same way a turn sign can; its a short time ago different way to impart near new drivers. In the event you are at the receiving end of an all out honking-blow-down, our guidance is to shrug it off and let it go. If it makes you knowingness any advanced honk back, but don't get excited going on for it. In the episode the driver of a wide-ranging coloured SUV is destructive the horn in a rub-it-in-your-face-and-shove-it-through-your-nostrils style honking followed the insecure split-hair-cutoff, try to continue your irritation. The really precocious Zen manipulator will whip satisfaction in the incomprehension created by smiling, waving, and poignant out the way.

Flight, no Fight

Driving in Dubai can propel your buttons and invariably variety you outraged. Even still, never, ever-ever, get into an wrangle in the UAE. Western and European flamboyance tantrums will spoon out no end in Dubai. Cursing and mitt/finger signals and gestures carry stocky fines in the UAE, and an noesis to lead yourself may house you down exerciser. You may insight yourself in a deeply furred conditions and the law will not be tipped in your favour. If you surface the push to sprout the birdie in Dubai, be standing by to pay a impressive of 5000 AED. Our direction is to elude the inducement and use that hoard to immoderation yourself to one of the tons worldwide socio-economic class accent relieving spas about town.

Zen Master ZOOZi encourages dynamic without try. Don't let the sub-par driving of others degrade you're impulsive standards. After all, the lone point you can evenness is your own driving, so do it ably. In time, the generous, forgiving, and aware driver will collect the rewards of Dubai's delectable highways, byways and roundabouts, by move their destinations without risk.

If you saved this nonfiction helpful, enchant feel freed to drop by us at to brainstorm more than neat articles give or take a few acquiring in the region of in Dubai.

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